Sunrise Hike: San Juan Capistrano

moon and her reflection on san juan creek san juan capistrano sunrise hike

I look forward to Saturday mornings. I am able to get up early and out of the house while everyone else is asleep and walk with a friend. Good thing we had an early start this day since it ended up being one of the warmest in recent weeks.

sun beginning to rise san juan capistrano

We did an out and back hike with the first half mostly going uphill and the second half going downhill. We walked our neighborhood to the trail head and then hit the trails to the flag pole at the end of the Patriot trail in the San Juan Hills.

view looking east san juan capistrano sunrise hike

Looking east towards our local Santa Ana Mountain range.

droopy daisies in the morning light

saddleback mountain, santiago peak, and mustard plant san juan capistrano hike

The views are amazing this time of year. Even with the small amount of rain bestowed upon us the hills are full of greens and yellows. Of course, the early morning light highlighted everything in sight just perfectly.

ocean peek from the patriot trail san juan capistrano

We headed west towards the Pacific and were given a sneak peek between the rolling hills.

the flag and our shadows patriot trail san juan hills san juan capistrano sunrise hike

According to Endomondo our hike totaled 5.73 miles with an elevation gain of 837 feet. Not too shabby.

(All photos taken and edited on my iPhone. Only the curl borders I added using Photoscape on my PC.)

I felt fantastic, made it home before anyone was awake, then made some coffee.

Early morning hikes are good for the soul not to mention your well-being.

For more information on the trails surrounding San Juan Capistrano check these links out:



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    Love the photos from your hike! That area makes for beautiful hikes, especially at sunrise or sunset, and especially this time of year.

    Thanks for the link to SoCal Hiker, too!

    • says

      Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment and I agree it is a great hike either early or late in the day since no shade cover exists. No problem on the mention! I hate to reinvent the wheel and you cover everything superbly. Cheers.

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