Low Tide Meditation to Rejuvenate Your Soul


Sometimes when life is rushed and seemingly passing me by I need to tighten the slack and reel myself in. Cleaning up agendas and practicing mindful clarity help to get me back on track.  To go outside and walk is my first move when needing to relax and living near the beach it’s obvious why I choose to visit often. Strolling in the soft, wet sand helps me clear my mind and focus on what’s really important to me: family and friends.

Low Tide Meditation

It’s no wonder why water is used as a relaxing device. The sound of trickling H2O from a fountain or stream, the gush of a waterfall, and the crashing waves all help to loosen up our bodies and calm our minds. I find focusing on simple tasks such as exploring nature and gazing at stunning scenery helps me to unwind. Winter in Southern California offers plenty of daytime low tides worthy of an adventure and if you’re lucky and pick a day with a low tide at sunset then LIFE IS GOOD!

Beautiful Simplicity

When the tide is out, rocks exposed, and marine life revealed you are welcome to view a unique underwater world. Pacific waters this time of year are chilly so tip toe if you must, but do go and explore. Slow down, practice patience and look closely for the snails and the slugs, sea stars, and anemone. To search for these creatures you must walk slow and purposefully so you don’t crush them underfoot. You must have patience and keep a watchful eye to find them.

Low Tide Reflection

Many times, on shore, as I watch the tide come and go I consider recent days, where I’ve been and where I’m going. Our lives mimic the highs and lows of the ocean; they come and go whether you want them to or not. The lows may not always be pretty (at least our personal lows aren’t) but there is beauty there and you need to find it, hold on to it, and appreciate it. The sooner we learn there are no guarantees in life the sooner we learn to be grateful for what we have and to go with the flow.

low tide meditation
sea star waiting patiently for the tide to come in
low tide meditation
green sea anenome

Stepping outdoors to enjoy simple pleasures such as the warmth of the sun, catching a whiff of salty air, and the most amazing visual stimulation ever you realize LIFE  is GOOD, even when life isn’t going as you wish.

low tide medidation

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Daily grinds have a way of gripping us too tight. We need to recognize when that is happening and take active measures to loosen the hold it has over our lives. By going outside for easy walks in nature, we can refocus our thoughts and enjoy life everyday. Slow down. Do a simple low tide meditation.


Please note: Before adventuring teach yourself about Marine Protected and Conservation Areas and the laws associated. Please don’t feed, move, or take the wildlife. Photos are good, though!

All photos taken during a low tide at Strands Beach in Dana Point, CA in January 2014.


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