Southern California Beach Hikes: The Big List

southern california beach hikes

Summer is almost here, the hills are drying out and the temps are heating up. Lucky for you California has many places to walk and hike near the Pacific Ocean. Go take a beach hike!

The purpose of this page is to act as a collective database, a resource to inspire you and give you as much information as possible to choose a beach hike.

Since I have not visited half of the beaches in Southern California the list below has links to the very best trip reports from other Southern California bloggers, many of whom I converse with regularly online and some I’ve even met offline. Each of them loves what they do and it shows in their writing.

Hike Variety

Listed are hikes and walks of all kinds: easy, strenuous, long, short, flat, and hilly. There’s hikes for families w/kids and some geared towards hard-core adventurers. The one consistency is they all take place on the beach or very close to it.

**This page is often updated.

Beach Hikes – A Collection

Orange County

South County

North County

Los Angeles County

San Diego County

North County

South County

A little Further away

Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties


So there you have it? How many beach hikes have you done? Which one is your favorite?